I’m Praveen K.

A self-taught freelance web designer/developer

I love creating digital identities for businesses and individuals. I usually find myself hung-up between the for the perfect padding size on that single anchor element. #LoveForDetails

Lead Dev & Co-Founder @ Eight and Double

About Me

A self taught freelancer

  • Name: Praveen Kalaiarasu
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Age: 29 Years
  • Hometown: Dharapuram, India

I am a Self-Taught Freelancer with interests in Website Design, Web-Apps Development, Multimedia Design. Coding has always been a touch and go kind of thing for me. But, when I took to it after finishing my college, its no going back from then on.

I believe, a place in the web is inevitable for businesses of this century., and I will make your effort at securing that spot a worthwhile one !

My Services

I provide amazing and high quality services

Web Design

One Page Websites, Static Web Design, Product Portfolios, Service Portfolios, Simple Profile website Design and more.

Web Development

Complex Multi page websites, Blogs, Headless CMS - API frontend, SPA development, Web Application development, E-commerce Websites, Wordpress websites and more.

SEO & Marketing

SEO, SEM, Organic Ranking, Web Analytics Analysis and Reports, Keyword Research & Selection, Organic Ranking, Website Code Optimization and more.


The projects I've worked so far.

Below Projects were completed by me as freelancer,
now under complete care of our design studio, Eight and Double.

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Contact Me

You can message me to discuss on a project or just to say hi

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